How to upload audio poetry:
How to upload audio poetry to an online website and post it to the miscellaneous poetry forum:

You can upload it to youtube as a wmv file, or another file format acceptable to youtube. after that it's a simple matter of embedding the youtube video into a post. Creating youtubes can be awkward and time consuming, there is however a way to save mp3's to the web and simply hotlink the uploads to a post using the mp3 tags.

To upload your audio poetry, you must first upload it to an external site that gives access to your uploads via an mp3 hotlink. The one that we suggest is Kiwi6

Once on the home page of Kiwi6, register as you would on any other site and follow the sign up procedure. (it's free)

After you gain membership upload your mp3 file. After the upload is finished, copy the hotlink link and past it into your post like so

PHP Code:
[mp3your hotlink hereit must end with.mp3 [/mp3

Please post the text of your poem as well as the audio version.
Poems posted must be your own work.

storage sites can lose, delete, scramble files, or ban you. It's up to you to save a copy on your pc or somewhere safe.

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