Forum Rules
Forum rules apply everywhere.
    1. Don't post images, videos, or links containing: Killings, mutilations or Excessive blood/guts, pornographic or nude pics, child Porn (underage models).
    2. Don't post or links to spam, advertisements, malware, direct downloads or torrents.
    3. Don't cross-post or post on inappropriate boards.
    4. Don't bump or double post (you may bump a post if you have no replies after a week or so) ***
    5. Don't post off-topic. ***
    6. Don't troll or flame. ***
    7. Don't edit, argue with, ignore, or spoof modcalls. If you disagree with a call then PM the mod, a supermod, or an administrator.
    8. Don't use puppet accounts to break rules or evade bans--you will be held fully accountable.
    9. Don't bring grievances from other sites to this one in posts, they will be deleted if it concerns a site member.
Poetry Forum Rules:

    1. Place a content warning by the side of the title in the subject heading like so; (content) "Title" for: Rape, graphic violence, adult content, excess of expletives. If you fail to do so it will be done by a mod.
    2. Do not critique or attack the poet or critic.
    3. Post in the most suitable forum:
      a) Don't post in Intensive Critique and Workshopping if you only want a bit of encouragement, support, advice, or an odd tip or two.
      b) Don't cry or argue if you don't like, or don't agree with the feedback given.
      c) Always give honest feedback without being cruel to others (It is possible).
      d) Give feedback/critique to others. (It will help your own poetry in the long run).
      e) Apart from:

      Basic Critique Forum
      Mild to Moderate Critique Forum
      Intensive Critique and Workshopping

      feedback given will be down to the person giving it unless you state what kind of feedback is okay, if any. The onus is on the poet to let the reader know.
    4. You have to be 15 years and older to use any of the Forums (this includes the Poetry Boards).

    Due to poets being overly eager to post poetry (too many poems at once)
    5. One Poem Per Day in any of the following forums:

    Basic Critique Forum
    Mild to Moderate Critique Forum
    Intensive Critique and Workshopping

    6. For newly registered members; you must first leave acceptable feedback on other people's poems before you will be allowed to post your own poetry. Once you are able to leave 1 piece of acceptable feedback, in any or each of the following forums. Remember 1 piece of feedback per poem posted in the three main poetry forums.

    Basic Critique
    Mild to Moderate Critique
    Intensive Critique and Workshopping

    you will be granted wider access to start your own threads and present your work in the the poetry forums for critique. After that, all members are expected to leave at least one new critique for someone else before starting a new workshop thread.

    If possible, leave feedback in the forum you wish to get feedback from for your own poetry. though ideally, you could leave feedback everywhere.

    The Pig Pen could not exist without the interaction of its members. In return for the right to post your own poems and receive comments/critique, you must attempt to provide honest and meaningful feedback on the poems of other members, or interact in some other fashion on threads other than those you create for your own poetry.

    Meaningful interaction does not include short, generic comments on poems (e.g. "I really like this"; "great flow"; "I can relate to this" etc).

    Rules with *** Do not count in the Pig's Arse, or the the Sewer.
    Rules are not written in stone and may change on short or without prior notice.

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