Homo Naledi* by Tranquilitybase
Homo Naledi

Accidental creatures 
crawling deep into caves
to return their dead 
by flickering firelight
to the original dark.

Brains the size of oranges
they chitter and claw
feasting on antelope.
Predators cannot follow,
cock ears and listen,

smell smoke and drift on.
Fresco of time’s children
watching their shadows
play on the cave walls

their prehensile laughter
does not forget the dead.
They wait for no God,
no Savior, only sunrise.

*Original thread can be found here
Peanut butter honey banana sandwiches
A poem both beautiful and educational.
One of my favourites
Muchas gracias!

It does occur to me that "Spotlighting the Hogs" has a very different meaning here in Texas  Smile

But seriously, Pig Pen, for this soul, is an Isle of the Blessed.  To receive this recognition is sweet, but I want to recognize everyone who makes PP what it is, the mods, the readers, and those who take the time to critique the poems.

I've learned so much about poetry here, more than I did in the 50 odd years that came before.

Thanks again.
Well deserved, TB. 
Congrats.  Thumbsup

Probably read this 25 times and am still finding new treasures.

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