Two Shit, I mean, short, poems, the chinaman, I mean, Chinawoman, STYLE

                                     Mad Max Philosophy

With Mad Max philosophy, you're not just
  the individual Max. The whole world of
the movie is Mad Max.
 A cartoon man in a cartoon world.


   The sense of a Ray Bradbury 
like, or a Southern version of a
Ray Bradbury atmosphere.
   The atmosphere of old films.
  The atmosphere of Rob Zombie movies,
enhanced by the atmosphere of old film.
   The atmosphere of the folklore of my
town, well, end of story?
Yo, rowens,
What’dya mean by “Chinawoman style”?
What’dya mean by “...Southern version?”
I used Chinawoman in order not to sound discriminatory.
I used Southern version so you'd understand if I sounded discriminatory.

Be glad I didn't use Southern virgin.
That's what cousins are for.

The reason I don't make fun of white people is the same reason I don't make fun of Donald Trump. It seems kind of redundant.

It's why if we go in a restroom, and someone has forgotten to flush the toilet, we flush it before we go. It seems kind of redundant otherwise.

I know poets are the sophisticated, sensitive type. But when I say I'm a Cynic, I don't mean I'm a poodle.

I don't want to be a Cynic, because I didn't come up with the concept. But I don't believe in concepts, so it really doesn't matter.

And it goes on and on.

Philosophy is the love of Wisdom.
But who has ever bothered asking Wisdom if it's consensual?
I think it’s best to make fun of all people, and I especially laugh when I look in the mirror...
But, I repeat myself...

What about the Cynical Poodles?  Good band, I hear...

Does it mean I believe in an afterlife if I use an ellipses after the word “death”...
It might extend death.

But the fact that you're able to put them . . .

Ellipses is/are a literary gimmick. Like words.

The only reason I paired Shit and Short in the title is their similarity in letters.

Sometimes it's as arbitrary as that.

The word fun means, well you know what it means.

To suggest you shouldn't make fun or someone or something, what does that suggest?

Maybe it means they're already fun. And to add anything would be presumptuous.
Explains my luck with women.

Most people make jokes about Donald Trump because they hate Donald Trump.
I make jokes about women because women hate me.

The first case, the joker has nothing to risk.
In my case, it makes people who like Donald Trump like me, and women hate me all the more.

But, Ivanka, if you're listening . . .

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