Appendix to NPatSS

                   Appendix to NPatSS

Savage, unique, strange;
Magic, Poetry, Personal:                   My inheritance 
I am a son,                                          is soaked.    
my raise is paid 
myself.                                        A wallet in the toilet:
                                                         will you open it? 
My paper is trees,
my money is me.
                                More importantly, 
                                                          will It return?

This poem refers to an unfinished essay called Savage Icke, and an unfinished poem called Natalie Portman and the Silver Surfer.
This is intriguing.  Is it going to grow?  I'd love to read a poem about Natalie Portman and the Silver Surfer (or an essay).
"Poetry is the rhythmic, inevitably narrative, movement from an overclothed blindness to a naked vision."  Dylan Thomas
I haven't been writing much. I've had the essay and poem unfinished for three years. So I wrote this to build up tension, tension to be burned by writing.
Hi rowens,

The wallet in the toilet is intriguing. Yes, I'll open it.
All best,
There's a Charles Bukowski poem where his wallet falls in the toilet at the racetrack. As I wrote that line, I remembered that. At the same moment, not before or after. If I had never heard of that poem, it would nevertheless be an allusion. Not a significant allusion, but they are diverse, allusions.

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