Planetary prompt

Sometimes I post on another poetry site and recently a fellow poet came up with the following prompt:

Write any type of poem about a specific planet only, no moons or astral bodies.

So just in case anyone's missing NaPoMo, I thought I'd post it here. I think, as we're not in NaPoMo anymore, you can take as much time as you want with it. And why not write more than one poem, if you're feeling inspired.

I rattled off this one this afternoon. It's meant to be performed as a rap, with the rhythm cha-cha-CHING. Sorry if the science is a bit rubbish.

Pocket Planet

Oy, stop pickin' on me. Yeh, I'm smallest of all
of the planets that circle our Sun
and I ain't very colourful -- 'Just a grey ball,'
you sniff, Venus; well, thanks for that, hun.

Well, I might not be Jupiter, massive old chap;
I ain't Saturn, with all of his rings,
but I reckon I'd manage if we had a scrap
'cos I got rocks an' ridges an' t'ings.

And besides, what is size if you're all full of gas?
You'd just burst if you ever came near,
an' that burst would leave what? Not a great deal of mass.
I'd be biggest. Me, Merc. Are we clear?
Checking In On The Neighbor

Stripped naked
by the solar wind
Mars turned its red face
away, embarrassed.

Like concerned neighbors
we'd landed at the doorstep
to inquire, "tell us what happened,"
we prodded, "don't hold back."
Leaf, thnaks for the prompt.  I can write again! (Well, that may be a matter of opinion)

My neighborhood is my solar system.
I live on Pluto, 
my neighbors are Mars and Jupiter.
Across the street is Venus.
Mars rarely speaks to me,
his son is a chef, but also a convict,
Jupiter is dying and his house mostly dark.
Venus comes to visit
and that warms my cold heart,
but she's just a flirt.
My dog Buster acts as Mercury
my devoted messenger,
guarding my Plutonian perimeter.
We cluster around an asphalt sun,

Our paths are not orbits, but linear wanderings
away and back again,
a solar system with addresses,
and so we wander past each other
out and back and out again,
wondering what's on those other planets
and why.
"Poetry is the rhythmic, inevitably narrative, movement from an overclothed blindness to a naked vision."  Dylan Thomas
Great responses, Mark and TqB.

TqB, of course you can write! I always enjoy reading your poems.
All best,
On the Horizon

A special planet in space is called a sphere.
Much like Mars or Jupiter, it was ozone’s.
Much like the sun it has solar flares which
can blind you, I think planets are vital to
exploring the solar system, they can be
friendly to earthlings if there are aliens
that can accommodate us. I hope the planets
around the sun comply with the rotation
of it all, I think the sun has a friend in its
Yes, let's hope the aliens prove accommodating. Nice one, Majestic Sun.
All best,

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