4:21 am
4:21 am

too late to write
he scribbles notes for morning
and pops the cork back in
Hey Paul-

too late to write  seems that the first line might be "too drunk too write"
he scribbles notes for morning perhaps a descriptor for "notes", such as "unintelligible"
and pops the cork back in

The title is a very important component, and if I really want to nit pick I would point out that 4:21am is the morning. But that depends on one's lifestyle. Since I used to have to wake up at 5am every morning for work, 4:21am would've been really, really late for me back in my working days. Not being tied to the clock anymore, it's less relevant.

Also, Paul, I must wonder who "he" is, if not you, the writer, and it lent a bit of confusion to this piece for me. So- who is "he"?  I have no clue, and none were offered.

I find short poems among the hardest to critique because I presume that every word is intentional.  A bit more clarity would've really helped here.
All that said, Thanks,

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