The Blues
[font="Arial", sans-serif]Betwixt second fiddle and fifth wheel.[/font]
[font="Arial", sans-serif]Consolation prize. Dealt a misdeal.[/font]
[font="Arial", sans-serif]Lapped. Knocked out. and Checkmated.[/font]
[font="Arial", sans-serif]My Baked Souffles? They're all deflated.[/font]
[font="Arial", sans-serif]Kissed my sister. Life in the Slow Lane.[/font]
[font="Arial", sans-serif]Always warm beer. Not ever Champagne.[/font]
[font="Arial", sans-serif]Some say it's of my own choosing.[/font]
[font="Arial", sans-serif]I just know I can't win for losing.[/font]

I think it's hilarious that these fonts turned out like this. See what I mean? :-)
Please check the disable similes option.
I'm not sure
Peanut butter honey banana sandwiches
I like this. Kind of a rhyming list poem of sorts. The last lines border on using cliches as do a couple images, but I really like the deflated Souffles! Thanks for sharing.

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