Just read this.
Addy I’m so sorry.
Sending love xxx
feedback award
Be strong, Addy.
Billy was a nice man. I never talked to him much or interacted with him meaningfully, but I enjoyed his words and the forum and community he so painstakingly built. It is not often that people leave a mark on people's lives in the way Billy did. I'm sure a man loved by a community of strangers on the internet is a man loved to absolute bits by the ones closest to him. I hope your heartache dulls with time, but your memories of him never do.
Thanks for being, Billy.
Everytime billy doesn't comment on one of my poems on this site, called Pig Pen Poetry, an angel loses one of its wings, and flies crooked. And I don't know if my poems that billy liked were good, or billy just liked them.
It's a legitimate question.

billy had gathered that energy.

Now that some of this site's main characters are gone. Some to death, some to Milo; no one knows what and just guesses, and the more official among it don't comment ate all. Ate all.

And I liked billy. But never enough.
Ah bullocks. Billy was a mean bastard and if I were into men, he'd been the first I'd fucked. I know he would have enjoyed it!

RIP you sweet lovable man. I won't be far behind.


Thanks for keeping it up Addy.
How long after picking up the brush, the first masterpiece?

The goal is not to obfuscate that which is clear, but make clear that which isn't.
travel well old man. you are missed and loved.

- your friend
Thank you Billy for this place, your honesty, and most of all your time.

This place was a light, a bright and shining light, when the world's darkness was trying so hard to take me.

I will be a lifelong member of this place; you made a haven from old dung and fairy dust. A place where objective truth collides with subjection, where we all so badly want to impress, or simply not depress, names like Billy and Leanne, with our hearts and minds.

And while it was near impossible to impress, it was so, so, easy to elicit a comedy. It was so easy to look at your mistakes and laugh, thanks to Billy and his vulgar thoughts.

RIP Billy, you will be missed and appreciated.
How thoughtful
I saw this news a while back, but when I tried to reply, I just felt like everything I was trying say was wrong.

Billy and I didn't always see eye to eye, but I always respected him. I met him as a troll (and what a troll he was) on a completely different forum. It always impressed me at how many times he got banned from that forum without ever once making the staff mad at him. They loved him!

He was just that kind of guy. He could be having a go at you directly, and you'd still have to admit that it was clever and well-done.

Sad to see this legend pass away, but thankful that he is at peace.

Here's to Billy, with thoughts and prayers to family and friends.
The sad thing about billy dying is, there were several reasons for him not to.

And plus, if he hadn't died, he'd probably still be alive.
That's what gets to me.

That, above anything else.

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