All you constructive critics rock
Hi I just joined yesterday, and am enjoying reading everyone's poems, and the critiques.

I just have to say the you critiquers are so awesome at giving positive feedback. When I read some of these poems my first impulse is to say "wow that sucks in many different ways!"

The fact that you can find helpful things is great, and I'm looking forward to hearing some of that about my own poems that definitely do suck in a variety of different ways.

- bob
some of us are worse than others at it but we try our best. the more differing crit we get the easier it can be to see what to heed and what to leave.
Isn't expressing what you think sucks helping the author all the same?
Critique is the sophisticated aspect of that
assholery not intended .
i agree. it's what workshoppong's about, i try and point out the good bits as well

(06-01-2019, 03:06 AM)cloud Wrote:  Isn't expressing what you think sucks helping the author all the same?
Critique is the sophisticated aspect of that
I've always wondered why some people shy away from offering critiques - I critique more for my own educational purposes, as well as for the opportunity to help someone see their own work from a different POV. I think there is an unwritten contract between author and reader - even more so between author and critic. The author works hard to communicate something to the reader. The reader should be willing to work, as well, to try and understand the author's communique.

If one comes upon a reference with which they are unfamiliar, it doesn't take long to do a bit of research. Hopefully, both author and critic came out a bit better for the experience. Spending a few minutes researching Maldon allowed me to understand most of an author's references, and allowed to me to understand what he was saying, and maybe even to offer helpful suggestions. At least I learned a bit of history.

Yea, I've made some ignorant observations in my lifetime, but I've been fortunate for the most part to work with authors who would take the time to discuss misunderstandings. So even then, I came away better for the lesson, and the author earned a bit more respect and gratitude from someone - never a negative, in my book.

Or, I suppose, people can do fly-by crits where no one learns anything. The only person who loses there is the critic. He loses respect of his peers.
There is no escape from metre; there is only mastery. TS Eliot

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