NaPM has ended
all i can say to everyone who participated is very very well done.
lots of good stuff posted and you gave a pretty good show on numbers.
i found it or some of it pretty hard. [it's why a lot of what i did was fluff]
i didn't expect to do as much as i did so thank you for that.
the threads are still there if anyone wishes to add a poem or two or three
i won't pick any one poet or poem out because i think you all won, you were all the best

anyway, thanks again, now all you need to do is take your posting to the other boards and be productive Confused Undecided Thumbsup Thumbsup Thumbsup big hug

p.s. and big shout to quixie for posting the questions. x
Real life prevented me from more fully participating this year, but I want to thank for the opportunity.  You are wonderful writers and April is such a special time == to be able to celebrate with like-minded people the power and value of poetry in our lives.  See you next year  Smile


hi Teagan, hopefully we'll see you before then Big Grin thanks for taking part, no matter how big or little part it was.
it ain't ended for me, i'm just taking my sweet time xD but also Sad

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