how many
How many poems have you written in a single day. not the two or three liners but decent sized ones. say 8 liners or more?

my personal best was six; i was just starting out and i thought i was a great poet, truth was, i was a new poet gob-shite who didn't know alliteration or what a cliche was. i was positive cliche [i didn't know that's what it was called] was great poetry. hall mark would have been proud of me but anyway, six poems in a day
One or two. At this point, I might be able to smack six of those cliche trash-bin-fillers out on a day when I've got nothing going on. But I rarely have a day when I'm not more worried about my engineering studies. Writing poetry was never high enough on my priority list to complete a full draft of more than two. More often, I'll manage a quarter of a full poem when I sit down to write for the day.
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"Or, if a poet writes a poem, then immediately commits suicide (as any decent poet should)..." -- Erthona
I remember kicking out 4 sonnets for a crown, but that's less than a 3rd of the poem
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