big oof
Computer got pooped. No poem of the day (week) til hopefully next Friday, as what I've got planned requires a keyboard. Same goes for most crit I offer, and most edits I try to do with those pieces that Imve here posted.
Good luck getting it back together, either the old one fixed or a new one will probably be better than before.
billy wrote:welcome to the site. make it your own, wear it like a well loved slipper and wear it out. ella pleads:please click forum titles for posting guidelines, important threads. New poet? Try Poetic DevicesandWard's Tips

hope the I.T. Gods are kind to you.
update: still stranded in phone land
prolly gonna be pooped til the week before christmas or the week after theophany, oof. til then, i'll just recommend adunis -- this month was gonna be an adunis special, plus some classic christmas carols, and, if ever i'd found it, a bunch of whitman sea poems, a poem about a bunch of clothes in the closet depressed about how the person who once owned them is now gone. i think the latter is a gluck piece, but i really don't remember. prolly something i read from here.

for now, i'll recommend adunis --- still cracking through --- and, but the book is out of print and really really hard to find through more discreet channels online, Conchitina Cruz's 'Elsewhere Held and Lingered'.
ps i'm still laptopless, i've just managed to change plans over to posting short, somewhat christmasy ones. might depend more on lyrics and artists i already love, though.

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