We have one main rule
Feedback. Give it. 

It's so important we put it at the top of the page so you can't miss it. We don't care how massive your back catalogue is: this is not a showcase. If you want that, try tumblr.

This is a workshop, and we expect interaction from our members. Not the bare minimum to allow you to get away with posting heaps more poems, either. Genuine interaction showing that you genuinely give a damn about poetry, and haven't just turned up to dump your poems and pray for adoration.

Ignoring the feedback requirement will not endear you to our members, and it will very quickly see you banned, so if that's your intention it's best to move on now.
It could be worse
Leanne, despite this sound warning being up for a year nearly, no-one has had the nerve to point out that there is a typo in the first line, where I presume you meant ''top of''.

I think I have devised my own way round all this. I shall write an otherwise perfect piece, and include some nonsense. Then, whatever anyone says, I shall remove the nonsense. I do believe in Workshopping, the Father Almighty and jesus... wait a minute. Soz!
Yep. Typing on my iPad is a killer.  Cheers Ed.

Goes to show how many people pay attention  Hysterical
It could be worse

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