Crown of Sonnets (activity) Definition thread
I should probably first explain what a sonnet is. A sonnet is a poem, 14 lines, rhymed, usually iambic pentameter (we have practice threads which explain the different types and the rhyme schemes, etc.). And a crown of sonnets is a sequence of 7 interlinked sonnets in which the first line of the first sonnet becomes the last line of the last sonnet, and the last line of each sonnet is the first line of the following sonnet. That's a crown of sonnets.

A heroic crown of sonnets is a sequence of 15 sonnets, which are interlinked like the normal crown of sonnets, except that in the heroic crown the last sonnet is made up of the first lines of the previous 14 sonnets, in the order on which they appear.

Please keep in mind, when you are writing your sonnet, that the closing line of your sonnet will not only be the first line of the following sonnet, but must work in succession with the first line of your sonnet (which must be the same as the closing line of the previous sonnet [you may change punctuation and/or context, for enjambment, etc.]) to comprise the final sonnet.

If your contribution does not follow the rules, and you are unwilling to work with other members' help and feedback to bring it on track with the vision of the other collaborators (which is to compose a proper Heroic Crown of Sonnets), it will be deleted by milo, or trounced in the arse. This does not mean that you must be able to write a "perfect" sonnet on the first go—it simply means that you must be willing to learn, and to work with the other collaborating members. If you are eager to contribute, but unsure whether your sonnet complies with the rules, it may be a good idea to first post it in the practice forums for a once-over, or p.m. another collaborator.


1)All sonnets in the crown must match form, e.i. if the first sonnet is an iambic Petrarchan, the rest must be also be Petrarchans, etc.

2)In order to participate, members must have a minimum of 50 posts, with their feedback ratio being higher than posted poems. All other forum rules apply as well. Trolls will be flayed alive.
is it starting in this thread or the other thread?
I started on the other one already. I can move it over though, if that's better for you. Maybe we'll do the original posts and commenting, collaboration, and feedback on the other one. Then I'll post each one here, in succession, as finished, when we are ready for the next one; so that we will eventually have a crown of sonnets, and only a crown of sonnets, here on this thread.

Meh. Might be best to leave this thread for questions on the rules and whatnot.
that's seems okay

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