Formatting Poetry in Word.
then pasting it here doesn't work but worry not.....

bena found a work round.

You'll need microsoft word
You'll also need Open Office...that's right click on the link and download the program

1. Open both programs. (this saves any pissing about)
1a. Open text documents in open office
2. Format the poem the way you want it in microsoft word
3. Copy and past the formatted poem directly from word into openword
4. Copy and paste the poem from openword into your post

Big Thanks to bena
He means open office, but he's got the link right Smile And you're welcome.
yeah. i said word because you use the text document when the op is opened. but you're right, i'll change it. Smile
A question for those who use 'Open Office': Have you encountered this program highjacking your 'Microsoft Office' word docs and converting them to open word ones? Over half of mine were converted thusly!
My new watercolor: 'Nightmare After Christmas'/Chris
Well, yes, but you can always use the option "Open with" word, or change the extension back to word-y ones. As for me, it works, because my "freebie" word that came downloaded on my puter a year ago ran out and right now I only have note pad. Note pad ffs!!! So open office was a very obvious choice. (free and has good ratings) I'm a poet...I can't afford 99 bucks (US) a year to pad Bill Gates wallet!!!
Yes, I saw that I can open them with either software as you indicate, so it does not matter. It looks like all of my .doc's were converted (pre-2006) and my .docx's remained MS Office docs (post-2007). Thanks again for the free Open Word Office suite and the ability to space/white space poems as needed.
My new watercolor: 'Nightmare After Christmas'/Chris
when you use open with, click on the browse option. pick word and click the always open with this program. word or what ever you choose will open that type of doc from then on Wink

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