Mentoring Read Me Thread
So you thought you might want to participate in a little mentoring session at the PigPen but you're not sure? Consider this - it doesn't hurt. You have nothing to lose. We all love you anyway. It can be a fun way to participate in the site.

The process:

The process is simple.

If you have a poem that you would like some one on one in depth help with, start a new thread in this forum using the "Mentor" prefix, by the side of the subject box. also ask for a mentor somewhere in the post. After someone volunteers, edit the post heading.

If you found a poem and think you might like to guide someone through the revision process, reply to a "Mentor Needed" thread with your willingness to mentor.

The Rules:

All posters actively participating in the mentoring threads must have a minimum of 50 posts with a positive feedback:poem ratio.

Leave your ego at the door. This is an intensive process that should produce a poem that reflects the intent of the original author.

No critique from posters outside the process until the poem is finished.

Yes to comments or questions from outside the process.

All revisions/rewrites should be completed by the original author.

The goal isn't just to write a poem but for both participants to learn something in the process.

Both active participants should commit to investing the time and work to finish the process in advance. There is no official time line, but this is not intended to be a "drive-by" critique-revise-and-we're-done process.

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