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Mild Critique Forum Rules
Due to poets being overly eager to post poetry (too many poems at once)
A new rule exists; One Poem Per Day max in any or all of the following: Basic Forum, Mild Critique Forum, and the Serious Critique Forum.

Only post here if:
- you have read your poem and think it is free of basic errors --
- you post at least one considered, suitably detailed comment on someone else's poem in this or another critique forum before posting a poem of your own.
- you are ready to receive honest, detailed criticism of your poem
- you are prepared to accept advice and suggestions to edit your poem

If possible leave a couple of points in the body of the poem, as well as a comment outside the body of the poem. Ensure that it provides valuable feedback to the poet, even if it's all positive. A simple "I like this" is not appropriate for serious critique. Please comment to the best of your ability.

All posts should be directly related to criticism/analysis/improvement of the original post, the poem. From time to time it is expected that a discussion will arise from a point made in a comment. If it becomes apparent that comments are addressing other comments rather than the original post, a moderator will either move these posts to a new discussion thread in Poetry Discussion -- or for more robust discussion, to The Pig's Arse -- or, if necessary, the moderator will ask that further comments cease altogether. If, as the originator of a thread, you feel that your poem has been "hijacked" or that discussion has moved in a direction you are uncomfortable with, please send a PM to one of the moderators of this forum. It is not appropriate to engage in argument in a Critique forum.

No action will be taken by moderators to censure comments if it is deemed they are valid critique, however negative it may appear to the original poster. This is Serious Critique and not all feedback will be supportive of your poem

Mild to moderate critique
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