Forum Announcement: Giving And Getting Feedback And Critique - Or doing an edit of your poetry.(a must read)
I think we've hit that stage in the forum's evolution when we must ask that members who post poetry, take part in giving feedback and/or critique. Read This. to get some ideas.

An except from the above link:
But I’m not qualified to comment on other people’s poetry.

Rubbish. If you can write, you can read. If you can read, you’re the audience the poet writes for. Make an effort. The more you read other people’s poetry, the more you’ll find other people reading yours. We are much more likely to share our time and thoughts with people who do the same.

We won't set guidelines as of yet, but you may find your poetry getting less feedback than you'd like.
As a guide; if you post a poem in a specific forum, give feedback to a poem in the same forum.

I'll still reply to as many poems as I can, but others may decide they only wish to give feedback to poets who also give feedback.

Please think about it. In the long and short term it can only improve you poetry and the site, which belongs to the members. Wink

When doing an edit:

Try to always do the edit or revision above your original
just go to the opening post and click on edit
Then edit your poem;

1st Edit or 1st Revision(the choice is yours)

blah blah black sheep
have you any wool?

Original version;

blah blah balck sleep

The choice is yours as to whether you use quotes on the original or not.
The reason for doing it this way is make it easier for those giving feedback to see what changes you've made.
Do NOT follow this link or you will be banned from the site!