Insert 280 Characters: Appalachian Elegy #6 by bell hooks (submission for an editor)
yet another Sister
sprawls across
the timeline
she has a name
I have heard before
countless times
on my breath
her flesh
a maroon ribbon
entangles the feed
while her spirit calls
taste and see
raw anguish and spectacle
for me! 
how fury reigns
how vultures prey
give us this day
our daily bread
as if languidly
spilling aged-wine
into a bottomless pit
poured out
my mangled flesh
crisscrosses the red heap
of bows and ties,
blood and tears,
words and waste,
bullets and tanks
retweets, shares, likes, and
bodies and bodies and bodies and bodies and
listen Sister
I am no guide
a watchful passenger
on a virtual platform
sometimes turning off
my phone to forget
I am dark
in such times
I close my eyes
to untangle my Sister
divinely holy

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