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Primitive people invented gods to explain nature. What does it mean to invent? And why did they do that? Why didn't they just see what was there? Or maybe that's what it looked like. And language became that fixed idea. But I think of people today as primitive compared to nothing. Whatever it is it might as well be nothing. All we know is that it has our number. The introspective mind is of different kinds. There are different modes of intellect and some are destructive. The good thing about religious control is that it gives the state no choice, the bad thing about democracy is that it gives every state the choice not to be a state. And without a state, the gods come again, and we find new words for them. I don't think a person has to think in words, but as I just said at the beginning of this sentence, I don't think.
the thing with gods is they can't be seen except behind closed doors. was god a god or a man they called god? i think people create gods, i think the idea of something bigger was/is just out there on the ether; [read some terry pratchett books] . i don't think they're invented per say we birth them in our imaginations, do we invent poetry/art or do we create it. i personally don't think there is anything good about religious control, not 1 single thing or part thereof. the ten commandments are rules of men. as well as a shit load of other laws. look at what religion got you in alabama. it's a tool to suppress the masses as is politics. both are stains on our psyche.
The gods are feelings and things we have. They're greater in failed things. They are feelings, and beliefs. In America, we're all supposed to be free. We don't know what that means. We create hundreds and hundreds of gods out of all our lonely nights. And each of those moments are the gods I'm talking about.

But then I was only talking about the god in each experience. And that's every god every body can be up against.

Here they want equal rights. Where is here? America. What is that?

You can't have rights and expect them to not violate others' rights. Them. Them is whoever you're overlooking.

But, of course, we're talking on different levels.

I hate different levels.

But I talk on whatever is best at the moment.

Poetrywise, I talk on all levels at once, Which is the hardest to seem to care a way or another.

And none of this has anything to do with the original post. But it has to do with me and me at the moment. Always bad.

So let me get back in.

Once the girl leaves.
What I like about gods is the singularity of experience. It's easy to say man invented God when man hasn't encountered God.
Peanut butter honey banana sandwiches
Men and women sleep here sometimes. To hide out. So don't be wondering why I'd be typing on here at night while a girl is here. She's not my girl. And I don't know why there has to be gods. It could have been something else. But gods there are. But then there are fairies and other things that obsess me. I feel their presence and their absense more than the presence of the people around me.

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