This is a Poetry Workshop
No fly-tipping allowed!

The Pig Pen is not a showcase for you to dump poems and beg for constructive criticism while giving nothing in return. If this is what you want, I humbly suggest that you take your precious poetry to tumblr or Facebook and do not waste our time.

The Newly Registered forum is subject to the same rules of valid critique as any other. Any worthless critiques in this forum will result in a warning and, if it continues, a temporary -- then permanent -- ban.

Any poems posted here that are not accompanied by valid critiques elsewhere will be deleted within two weeks of posting. If you are new to commenting on poetry, you will find several useful threads around the site to help you, such as this one.

Anyone who finds these rules too harsh or feels that they are unable to commit to a valuable exchange of criticism and ideas, please feel free to ask us to delete any of your poems immediately.
It could be worse
On this site there is really only one main rulegive feedback on other workshop poems before posting your own poetry in the workshops. (Also, it’s just common courtesy.)  

The currency of this site is feedback.  If you post a poem without first offering feedback, you will receive a red-letter reminder on your poem.   If you have not provided feedback within a week your poem will be locked.  After two weeks it will be deleted.  These protocols are subject to change without notice.  (For example, if there are several newbies trying to skirt The One Rule, these times will be shorter because it becomes too much to manage). We don’t have time for selfish posters.   If you don’t intend to offer feedback, please don’t waste our time. Feedback is non-negotiable.  There are no exceptions to this rule.  
The Soufflé isn’t the soufflé; the soufflé is the recipe. --Clara 

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