Personal personal v Personal which leeches?
Billy, I am sure all will have been delighted -as I was - to learn that you 'like to do funny shit with a twist'. You must have French blood in your veins. For them, poo is a serious business: having satisfied themselves that they have reached FIN, it is de rigueur to turn around and examine the precise nature of the stool just ejected--- it is important for medical reasons, but they must also be able to give a good description when the topic comes up, over dinner. And since one cannot come with half the story, it may be necessary to look v closely into the bowl, perhaps even give the object a little poke, to determine its softness. But you must know all that. Wink

I think, on the topic, you are saying that you are half and half. Perhaps it is just a matter of degree with all of us.

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