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    Who's in charge?

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This is Billy's forum. He is a mysterious grumpy man with an odd bent on life Smile

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Quote:Born at Park Hospital, Davyhulme Manchester, England on Feb 10,1955.
I spent most of my younger years in children's homes, went to school a bit, (cumulatively about a year) but mostly played truant.
Self educated, I developed the love for reading at a young age, though I came to poetry in 2001.
I moved to the Philippines from England on
May 7, 2004 to be with my partner.

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Leanne is co-administrator of The Pig Pen as well an established poet.

Quote:Leanne likes her steak and her poems bloody, organic and with a bit of sauce. She is politically incorrect, unreasonable, illogical and somewhat moody. She lives on the Gold Coast of Australia and refuses to take any responsibility for Nicole Kidman.

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Todd is co-administrator of The Pig Pen due to his grasp of poetry, his ability to critique and his level headedness.

Quote:Todd is a refugee from California residing currently in the great state of Texas. He is living every child’s dream working as a VP of Sales of used telecom products. Rather than putting golf paraphernalia in his office, though, he consciously limits his career by displaying poetry. He likes the irreverent, the dystopian, and anything that takes risks. It took him twenty years for his own poetry to stop emitting the fabled brown sound (so sought after to control riots in sporting events). His main goal with poetry is to improve year-over-year, and he participates online to share what he’s learned and help others with their work when possible.

Where should I post first?

Once your first three critiques in the workshops have been approved, you can post anywhere you like. Smile

A good place to start is by introducing yourself to the folks here. You can do that in this thread: Say "hi" in this thread

What if I'm not ready to post my poetry?
What if I'm not a poet?

The Pig Pen has many other forums that you can post in until you feel comfortable enough to share your poetry. Check out the Discussion Boards, read the Reference Section and if you're not easily offended, join the Sewer and Pig's Arse forums.

Don't forget that even if you don't write poetry, your input is valuable so give it to those who post poetry and you will be helping a lot. Smile

Is it safe to post my poem online?
Will someone be able to steal my work?
Is my work copyrighted?

The instant you post a poem, you have the rights to it and proof with a date stamp. If you would like to hide your poetry (or anything else) from search engines use the 'hide' Post Tags

Where should I post my poem?

One of the six poetry forums fit your needs/expectations, Read this for an explanation of each of the forums:

Where should I post my poems?

What does 'See one, do one, teach one' mean?
What's all the talk about giving feedback?
Is there a feedback to poem ratio?

The Pig Pen was created as an environment where poets could come together to hone their craft. In order for the workshop to be successful, everyone has to contribute. Some are more experienced than others, but everyone can at least contribute feedback.

The Pig Pen does not have a feedback ratio, but we strongly encourage you to give feedback to other poets as it is selfish to only post in your own threads and also detrimental to the process.

You are asked to read and obey the rules concerning posting new threads:

5. A new rule exists; One Poem Per Day in the Basic Critique Forum, Mild to Moderate Critique Forum, or the Intensive Critique and Workshopping Forum. (NOT ONE IN EACH per day)
6. Only post in the Basic, Mild to Moderate, or the Intensive Critique and Workshopping Forum if...
you have already posted at least one considered, suitably detailed comment on someone else's poem in these or other critique forums

The Pig Pen could not exist without the interaction of its members. In return for the right to post your own poems and receive comments/critique, you must attempt to provide honest and meaningful feedback on the poems of other members, or interact in some other fashion on threads other than those you create for your own poetry.

How do I post?
How do I correct a mistake in a post?

Making new threads and posting replies is easy. Just follow this tutorial: Posting and Editing

How do I quote another post?
How do I quote several posts?

There are actually several built in ways to quote posts and also a manual method. It depends on what your intent is:

  1. To quote one post in the full editor - click this button on that post.

    [Image: postbit_quote.gif]


  2. To quote mulitple posts in the Quick Reply window, click this button on all the posts you would like to quote:

    [Image: postbit_multiquote.gif]

    When a post is selected for quoting, the above button looks like this:

    [Image: postbit_multiquote_on.gif]


  3. To enclose text from outside the forum in a quote format, just use the 'quote' Post Tags

Can I link my threads to Facebook?

Yes Smile

Just use the share links located on every page.

How do I format my posts with fonts and color?
How do I post videos/images/audio?

The built in editor is a toned-down word processor, but is still fairly versatile. Read this tutorial for more information on Spicing Up Your Posts

Can I delete my threads/posts?

If you following the instructions for editing a post then you will see a checkbox at the top of form for deletion of the post. If you delete the first and only post of a thread, the thread is deleted as well.

What does this poetic term mean?
If someone uses a term you don't understand, you should always feel free to ask. Or you can look at our encyclopedia of poetic terms: Glossary of Poetic Terms

Can I change my username?
Can I change my usertitle?

Yes. Smile

Just send a private message to a moderator or administrator and they will help you change your username, usertitle or both. Please be patient when waiting for a response.

What is an avatar?

On Internet forums an avatar is generally recognized as a synonym for 'profile picture'. It's a small representation of you online.

How do I change my avatar?

You can pick an avatar and keep it forever or change it as the mood strikes you. Read this to learn more about changing your avatar: Adding an Avatar

What is a signature?

A signature is a brief post that is appended to every post you make. Your signature can be turned on and off through the User CP. They can include formatted text and images, but cannot exceed 450 characters and cannot contain more than 4 images.

How do I change my signature?

To change your signature, go to the User CP and select Change Signature from the sidebar menu.

Can everyone see when I'm online?
Can I log in without anyone knowing that I'm online?

By default, when you log in to your account it is displayed on the bottom of every page by adding your name to the Who's Online List

To change that go to your User CP and select Edit Options from the sidebar menu. The top left section is titled 'Privacy'- tick the box in that section titled 'Hide me from the Who's Online list'

What is the Pig's Arse and how do I join?
What is the Sewer and how do I join?

These forums require group membership. Read this tutorial: Joining the Sewer/Pig's Arse

What if I see SPAM?
What if I see rules being broken?
If I see something offensive on the site what should I do?

If you think something you've seen posted breaks the Forum Rules then you should send a private message to a mod or admin.

You can also use the report button on every post:

[Image: postbit_report.gif]

What if my question is not in the FAQ?

Feel free to ask any questions that are not covered by creating a new thread in this forum:
Announcements, Suggestions and Help Requests

You should always feel free to Private Message (PM) a moderator or administrator.


Poetry Practice and Exercises


Site Tutorials:

Where should I post my poems?
Poetry Revisions

Posting and Editing
Spicing Up Your Posts
Adding an avatar
Joining the Sewer/Pig's Arse
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