Central Park Morning (edit)
(08-17-2022, 10:07 AM)brynmawr1 Wrote:  Summer bored, with heat and humidity on vacation,
a burnt orange Buddhist stands at our path’s bifurcation. I like burnt orange as a color, reminds me of the 'burnt buddhist'
Face leathered with wisdom,  he offers gold medallions
his silence doing the talking.  We flow like cool water
following its course to the glow of a seventies sun, is it seventies because this is in the past, because the seventies are 'cooler' because of style or because of global warming now... All the above 
Ms. Gaynor proclaiming both she and disco will survive.
We watch children play soccer in a dance of Brownian motion
and the multitude diffuse tethered to the companion ssometimes things take on an extra stillness in a chaotic setting, 
of their choosing. None but we notice the shadow 
of the falling leaf, a simple grey-scale butterfly
fervently following its sure path to lie with its maker. Butterfly's do seem frantic when they fly even though they're supposed to be quiet peaceful images.
I liked the format about the one word on the line, vacation, bifurcation, then my screen refreshed and put more words on the line so I didn't think it was on purpose.  Either way you set up the scene nicely and direct my attention in a pleasant way.
Peanut butter honey banana sandwiches

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