Get feedback. Give feedback.
Giving Critique and Feedback.

See one, do one, teach one:
    The Pig Pen is a unique internet poetry environment. Here, we come together not only as writers; we are readers, students, teachers, motivators and muses. Every one of us has knowledge and experience to share and we expect it to be shared freely for the benefit of all. Poetry is about people, and the more social interaction you have, the greater your source of inspiration -- so being an active part of the community is not only polite, it will improve your poetry.

I’m embarrassed to show other people what I’ve written:
    Everyone starts somewhere. Look at the most experienced writers on the site and imagine where they’d be if they’d never taken that first step toward improvement. Don’t be intimidated. The worst that can happen is that people don’t immediately love it and give you ideas for making your writing better. Nobody in history has written their most brilliant poem straight off the top of the head with no prior experience – look into the files of the great poets and you’re bound to find some absolute howlers. So go on, take the plunge.

But I’m not qualified to comment on other people’s poetry:
    Rubbish. If you can write, you can read. If you can read, you’re the audience the poet writes for. Make an effort. The more you read other people’s poetry, the more you’ll find other people reading yours. We are much more likely to share our time and thoughts with people who do the same.

Everything I write is perfect, straight from the heart and editing will only destroy my artistic integrity:
    The Pig Pen is not the site for you. Do keep in touch, we’re always impressed by true, effortless genius. Can’t wait to hear how you’ve single-handedly revolutionised the world of poetry.

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