What the F**k am i supposed to be?
Do i have to be a complete Bitch in order to be treated well?
''Give me this. Buy me that. Hand over your wallet.
Oh, and i want orgasms. Multiple orgasms, and Plenty of them''

Maybe i should spend my time laying on my back
for man, after man, after man in the vain hope
that one of them may see me as more than just a fuck

How about i become cold and heartless?
They do say 'Treat em' mean, Keep em' keen'.

Maybe i should become a shivering wreck every time a man
looks in my direction, crying and blabbing on about all of my
pain and anguish, so maybe one of them might
feel enough pity for me, that he might stick around.
(even just for a month or two)

Do i act all dumb and vulnerable?
''oh please take care of me, i am incapable of looking after myself.
Protect me please from the big scary world''
I know how a lot of men just LOVE a woman who
cannot possibly survive without a big, strong hand.

Do i go buy bigger tits?
Permanently pout?
pretend to be what they want me to be?


I happen to be none of those things. But maybe i should try!
After all, being just 'me' does not seem to 'cut it'.

Is it so bad that i am just a simple girl who wont ask for much?
Is it so horrifying that i believe in love and give it unconditionally?
Does the fact that i have my own mind and am quite capable of
giving myself those damn multiple orgasms make me a bad person?

Here is my question to you Mother nature...

What the fuck where you thinking when you made women like me..
Was it some sort of joke? A cosmic 'fuck you' to all the Good girls
on your earth?

Well, i shout (with two fingers) Fuck you too.

It's true what they say.. Nice girls finish last.
Few are those who see with their own eyes and feel with their own hearts.
I find this really hard to critique, but I definitely don't want to let it pass without comment, so I'm just going off on tangents, forgive me Smile Still, it's what you've made me think about -- bearing in mind this is a generic "you" to the voice of the poem, not life advice for your lovely self. (a) being a bitch once in a while probably doesn't hurt, but you'll get better orgasms on your own (as you later point out) and you won't be selling your soul for some pathetic man who needs to be dominated because of underlying Oedipus issues. (b) shivering wrecks are just as manipulative as bitches and attract the same kind of man. ( c) dumb and vulnerable is attractive to insecure men who need the opinion of others to build their own self-image, so they surround themselves with lesser people because they're incapable of accepting second place; if you find such a man, exterminate him at all costs. (d) there's no such thing as unconditional love; love always fills some lack in ourselves (Socrates said it, and thousands since have agreed with him, so who are we to argue with some dead Greek dress-wearing schizophrenic?). This doesn't mean that love is selfish, just that it can't be unequal to work properly. As for "nice girls finish last" -- if you do it yourself, you always finish first Wink

Yes, this definitely strikes a chord.
It could be worse
first off, don't spoil titles wit **'s if it has a fuck give it a fuck.

bigger tits might do the job hehe (jk)
when it comes to getting what we want, the 1st person is right. you can't win.
often it's more satisfying to make the other person happy.
i'm wondering how many guys who read this will notice themselves in it, (not me of course Wink )

haha the title, i wasn't sure if it'd be ok to say fuck outright in there.. being a newb and all Big Grin

i will know for future so watch out (evil cackle)

Thanks for your comments Wink
Few are those who see with their own eyes and feel with their own hearts.
if the poem is rife with expletives violet, just put (content) at the right side of title in the header.

if it's in the title then i think it should be shown as what it is.
I really liked reading this. Your words are strong. While I can't relate to those exact frustrations, I can def relate to the title.

On a more personal note: There ARE guys who like a woman to have her own personality, motivations and opinions. Oh, and I don't think I'm the only man who LOVES it when a woman knows how to please herself. As potent as your words are, you are sure to reason out the rest with that deep mind of yours. Two thumbs up for the subject matter and it's treatment.

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