(04-01-2023, 12:51 AM)TranquillityBase Wrote:  Should I maybe end on a high note, e.g. "shadow and light"?

Absolutely Tim-
I see that the most recent has been posted. You smoothed it into a gem of a poem.
I'm proud of you brother. Great job!
... Mark

ps. Sorry to have to suggest two minor tweaks:
‘ skull’s mirrors’ since I presume it’s not one mirror to produce the kaleidoscope effect.
An em dash before ‘this skull’ in the penultimate line.
WOW Tim-
I now see the FINAL version, and it's glorious! I'm so glad that you finally figured out the ending.
And just in time to join the NaPoMo'23 parade.
I come back to read this one during NaPoMo'23, for inspiration.

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