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Actually the answer is quite simple. Politicians are so busy wondering what people are thinking about them, they have no capacity to think of people in any other way. Thus they are incapable of even framing such a question. Relaying on their handlers advice of the old adage, "Give 'em what they want" coming into conflict with Lincoln's maxim that "you can't please all of the people all of the time", they are forced to hire scads of dark workers, in the art of statistical analysis to locate the greatest cross section within their cross hairs. Of course having never learned to aim, it all becomes one giant cluster-fuck game of pop-shot give away, which of course comes from the taxes they draw from my veins at the threat of seizing my house and property for themselves should I refuse to give my tithe to the governmental god. However, as the group they are giving away to, far exceeds the group they are taking from, this has never presented them with a problem...yet!
How long after picking up the brush, the first masterpiece?

The goal is not to obfuscate that which is clear, but make clear that which isn't.

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