Three short poems Based on the uLTIMAT PrinceaPAL
: Example

There are no problems,

there are solutions and problems. Seems pretty obvious

The solutions make problems

for the sakes of the solutions,

not for the sakes of the problems.
I agree that solutions can be troublesome. That said, there are many solutions (especially scientific, eg vaccines) that in fact, are "for the sakes of the problems"

The problems are traps solutions set to catch themselves.  I'm trying to follow, but the faulty pro-noun referent (themselves) seems to be a trap, and I can't make sense of it.

Problems are minority groups. Whatever they may-be.  Hmm, in reverse equivalence then "minority groups are problems"

I'm guessing that was poem #1

Gods and others. all others?
      If you resist, you are non-GOD. I don't resist, but I'm still non-God

the violation of the rules is part of the poem.
and I'm not. anyway ,  This is very unclear...

Not violating

           Rube Icon

I say there is no Evil.  It ain't up to you, I'm afraid, and you will know evil when you see it, or it sees you.

God says there is.  Many claim God speaks in their language.


Was that poem #2? 
If so, then I guess poem #3 is next:

      Tao is Bullshit and Bullshit is Tasty  Haven't tried it myself

We think it is hard,

[ Ex: It's not soft either ] 

Tao is bullshit, and cowshit is
       a matter of taste.  This means something to you, I guess, but it's way to obscure for my tasteless brain

Well, owens, I am once again stumped. I'm sure you'll be able to clarify for me, and I hope your clarifications will make more sense than these poems

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