Night Terror
It's the way their faces vanish
anytime their heads would turn
that makes me wonder if the days have slipped
between the forming cracks.
They are either warm no longer
or I have forgotten their warmth.

Blank, as if their eyes, nose, and mouth
were smeared away
like blood paints skin. They're walking towards something, possibly
someone. I'm stalking them
but I'm not trying to hide.

Long ago, they'd croon to me as I lay on their lap,
but the sounds playing from their bodies stab and thrash the wind
until the wind screams so helplessly. Yet somehow, I understood
that they yearn to sink into some distant lake
to sing lullabies to someone dormant that they call
my older brother. He smiles in his sleep
with fangs made of moonlight.

An eye opens. I begin to drown
as he tries to swallow me.

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