Great Forces
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I am in a great big world and I am small.

Forces like weather and time, I do not understand and cannot control. 
I step back and hope they do not notice my fragility, 
Like sitting at a table with gods.

I am a child to trees and so much less to those magnificent rock formations that grace the earth. 
They are so much older and wiser than me 
They have watched gods fall. 
They make me feel like I am being allowed to live, 
They grant me a seat at this table, so I dare not speak.

I am great in my own ways, 
I have power over smaller things. 
I have nursed infant animals, and healed sick plants.
As a child I was a benevolent god, I rescued bugs from rainstorms, 
I combed the flooded grass for ailing bodies and dragged them to safety. 

I don’t do this anymore. 
Some things are too small to stop for. 
This helped me understand the cruel aloofness of those greater forces
Their domains contain so much more than just me.  
I am too small to stop for. 

Perhaps they too are at the mercy of something greater. 
Perhaps time must please and flatter something we cannot conceive of, 
perhaps weather wishes it was not at the whim of winds.


I will find my place among those greater and lesser forces. 
I will rise and fall and take nothing with me. 
I will do nothing great, 
Only hope to cause no harm, 
And in the process I will be forgotten . 

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