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When revising a poem you have posted it is best to make it clear that it was revised and when. This helps the work-shopping process by allowing newcomers to the thread to catch up on where the poem came from and how far it has come.

To edit your poem for revision simply use the edit button on the bottom right hand corner of the original post. From the edit post screen you can insert your revision above the original and then label them both clearly.

To give even more distinction between versions you can use the 'quote' tag for the original post.

Either use:

Revised version 10/31/11
[quote]my original poem

Which produces:

Revised version 10/31/11
oh arrogant Mark!
himself still a noob
trying to advise
when he knows he's a boob!

Quote:my original poem

oh wonderful Mark!
the savior of noobs
with advice for posting
and the squeezing of boobs!

Or use:

Revised Version: 10/31/11


[quote=Mark Originally]

Which produces:

Revised Version: 10/31/11

I tried to leave this site
but I'm totally trapped
If I were 'down under'
I'd probably get slapped Smile

Mark Originally Wrote:Leanne is a walking,
poetry wiki
if I were 'down under'
I'd give her a hickey

It's not very much work and it makes the process more intelligible to members both new and established.
Good advice Mark, it does make things a whole lot easier to follow and it's much more logical than just changing the original poem so we lose all reference. The workshopping process is quite a valuable learning tool for everyone, not just the poet.

Though I think your sample material is rather dodgy...
yeah, nice one. i have to admit to just leaving a line as to what i changed if only minor.
will do the full edit thing from mow on Wink
that Mark is so clever
next thing he might
show us how to write
and be thankfull to him forever


sj you bugger,
stop being a tree hugger,
instead, pen a poem sugar

i'm struggling to get online (it's taking me ages to get into the site. i'm trying to get hold of the host company.
till i sort it out , do a poem or two please.
ps, mark changed his password and can't get back on the site Hysterical
Seriously, he's giving us technical advice? Hysterical

sj, I'm going to extend the limericks-about-poets thread in the Pig's Arse to include limericks about members here, if you don't post something there I'm going to take a trip to India to spank you... wait... if you don't post something there I won't take a trip to India...

i'm one of those spontanious types Leanne,a flash of inspiration is all it takes
gold coast,is it?@--2
Leanne Wrote:Though I think your sample material is rather dodgy...

Cmon you know you liked me being 'down under' you :p
I've been feeling a little rash...
You too? Wink