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There are                     and
               Animal Trauma      Social-Cultural Trauma.

Animal trauma is trauma of being
a human animal.

Social-Cultural trauma is experienced
 from our attitudes with things  like
Love and Familyand Pain and Violence and Sex and
Personality and Death and Love and Wants and Needs
and Authority and Belonging and Loneliness
and all that pressure and fixation and tension
and conditioning and confusion and contradiction and
mix-up and knowledge and experience itself.

These things make great Entertainment. Great
Romance. Great Spirit.
A question is: Is it worth it? It.
Another is: Is there better Romance?

The Family Romance. The Victim Romance.
The Psychopathic Romance. The Rich/Poor Romance. 

One must not say so . . . 

A human person'll defend their pain
to the death.   Deep down,   beyond personae,
the nervous system and beyond
throbs with chakralike smiley faces of
multiple traumatic orgasms.

Pleasure and Pain are the same.
Pleasure and Pain are masks,
formed of nervous energy,
nervous energy, and more,
also personae.

There is no energy — there is 
experiences of energies. Flows.
Points of energy.
Bursting thinkings, 
thoughts bursting, like sweat from pores, out of
in of
layers of experiential energies.

Love is the ultimate bursting,
a bursting and a tension,
as ONE ,
a concept of trust.
An experience not guaranteed. 

                    .   .   .   

It is hidden in the rainbow, it's not the rainbow,
      It's not hidden.
 Mandala is bigger than It.
              Fear is Love.
I am It.  You are It. We, together and apart,
are It.        It isn't    It.
              We are here
Beyond,  always beyond .


Every aspect, conscious, unconscious, beyond, realizes all is play. Fun and games. What stops me from killing somebody for the fun of it?


You violate conscience, and play ends and everything dies.

My Code includes major things, and a few minor things here and there.
Everything else goes.

In comedy and poetry, everything goes.


              The wings are dead weight.
             Heavy Goat Leaping Lightly 
          The space, open, is not separation.
          These Connections are flowing,
           the many flowing in all.
          The wings are horns.
          Horns for agon, for communication.
   the golden ball beyond the sun is beyond  

   Love is beyond      truth .
          Joy                     Delight

            floating on ground