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Full Version: April 4 NaPoMo 2021
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Rules: Write a poem for national poetry month on the topic or form described. Each poem should appear as a separate reply to this thread. The goal is to, at the end of the month have written 30 poems for National Poetry Month.

NaPM April 4, 2021

Topic: write 4 haiku/Senryu/other short form poetry

Form: Haiku, Senryu, other short form

Line Requirement: any

Senryu has human
Element. Haiku none. Not
That it matters...wink

Morning song
Cut short
By magpie

Vesuvian brains
Smooth as glass
Frozen in time

Hit me baby
Say bye bye bye
Syncing spears
Dogpark argument:
who didn’t pick up their poop?
This and cold rain too.

Outside, cold rain falls.
I join the rain for a smoke
and write this poem.

The interstate roars
behind a curtain of rain.
Birds sing rain’s end.

I love the sounds now:
train passing, birds singing and
last of rain falling.
what's a girl to do 
box of porn 
magazines beam

mostly mountains
starry skies
earth's egg

woman wilted
flowers fitted
revenge restricted

this is fun
we're all having
fun, right?
sun beaming through trees
as our shadows stretch eastward-
    tall grass waves good-bye

shadows enhancing
what a body’s language for-
    waltzing with the moon

light beyond the stars
beyond the deepest darkness-
    closer than our tears

Sunday, early Spring-
morning opens like a rose
    welcoming the Sun
Spotty Morning

Instant coffee ain’t.
Dark bug specks rise undissolved:
instant, yes, but not.


Thumb drives are so cool…
but no-one ever got a
virus from vinyl.

None for You!

Old-school dictators
rationed newsprint as our scolds
embargo bandwidth.

Wet-brush Morning

Tree-fringed horizon
bleeds upward into Easter-pale
robin’s-egg blue.
Easter Sunday
  sun rising
   east tower curtains closed


  pigeon cooing
   poop on window pane


  petals unfurling
   frost is forecast soon


  get-well gift
   has a sinister smile
Easter weekend.
Café closed.
Jobs stolen.

1) Tea
2) Hairy testicles
3) Fat, contented cows.
Australia - your listicle.

Hips grind trouser fronts.
Dates and dry bread
for the Egyptian.

Red nose wags
at forgotten jokes -
old fool.
Life used to feel full
but now an empty bottle
just takes the edge off

Spliff singes car seat
old tree learns how to dissect
a young drivers chest

a brave new world
innocent beneath bracken,
elders steal their light

atop the steep fell
burnt sky's cool in shadow
between the colours
gale beneath
the summer sun:
swiftlets race

car horns blare
from soupy smog:
frogs in a pond

the shadow of a narrow branch
a nightjar's final flight

i find freedom
where the grass might slit
my bare arms