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Full Version: La Lumière de mon Coeur
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La Lumière de mon Coeur

tu es si jolis ce soir
tu es la lumière de mon coeur

la nuit est magique
dans la lueur de la lune

et je suis enchante par toi

  chantez pour la vie
  chantez pour l'amour
  chantez pour un autre jour

  chantez pour l'amour
  chantez pour la vie 
  chantez pour une autre nuit
A love poem written in French is a nice touch. Very apt. Your significant other will really appreciate that. I like the “night” theme throughout as well as the repetition in the last two stanzas (and the development of their last lines “sing for another day”; “sing for another night”). Very nice!
Why don't French poets utilize more often the little bit of that language I can understand? Didn't you write a song once?