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People say to me, You behave like a stand-up comedian on stage, and I'm not going to put up with that. And I say, Am I?

And when I say am I?

They cut off all communication with me. They go silent. They never speak to me again. They get up and leave. Won't talk. Silence.

This isn't a one time thing

. I can't see what I'm typing so bear with me

. The device I'm using.

No matter what you say, I'm not going to respond. I'm just going to sit here and not

I tried to figure out how to use the word deem but in the above words, it
Jiept and it changed k to j kept changing deem to keep and can.
It wouldn't let me type 'deem'. It kept autocorrecting, everytime.

There's this really sexy girl called Raven, and she's on this jive called The Stoa. And to there was a guy on a thing I watched

Called the Dark Stoa. And a guy named patrick ryan. Uh oh, it doesn't capittorliies names

Talking about neuromyths, and supercuts, and autocults.

I've been talking about this stuff my whole life. I've had to put it into poetry. Because if I just came out and said it, I'd be crazy, wouldn't I?

And that chick called Raven on The Stoa is really hardcore beautiful. The kind of beautiful where you stop being a Stoic and start being a Cynic, and masturbate in public.

This device threw me off the internet. I typed p to type Pig Pen Poetry. It said, "Did you mean podcast future thinkers euvie ivankatrumo?" And I responded, Yes.
But, it had already assumed that before I knew what it was. Is that an autocult?

And if it is, Euvie, if I'm wrong, I want to be.
This post that I don't remember writing has more views than anything posted for the last two weeks. I'm the canary. Is that how you spell that?
I am trying to figure it out, Rowens.

That explains many things - and throws others into doubt.

Damn you, rowens
A civilized human is a walking autocult.

And there are the algorithm/AI guru autocult codings.

I have a conspiracy theory about the internet. But I don't talk about it on the internet or near or not far enough from anything or anybody or anyone that has access to the internet, for obvious reasons.

I use alcohol to trigger paranoia and other mental/emotional disorder survival mechanisms to filter much of what I absorb.


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Assignment as in assassination. Are you one of those kind of angels. Let me tell you something.
The devil had three men. He said, Whoever can prove he's a liar, I won't take him off to hell. The worst was a chinaman. He was so nervous he couldn't talk right. The devil say, That aint no lying, get on out the way. Next was a white man. The white man goes, Well, let me see, well, I was on my way to the bank yesterday . . . Then the devil was, That aint no lying, you step aside. The third man was black. He went, Few years back I's drivin roun de county an ha a bad car wreck, my wife lyin to de east, my daughter lyin to de west, my son was lyin to de north.  . . . The devil say, Where was you lying? He said, Boss, you know I was lyin all along. So the devil had to let the black man go.

A man in Town told me that story. I don't sit at home. I get around.
Insecurities based on past events have been staying with me the last few years. Lately, they haven't been chipping in any, and things are getting tight. It's just that one of them has a cute girlfriend, and it makes me feel good to have her around, though we don't have anything to do with each other. They get me to do and say things when I drink. They don't do anything though, and I'm tired of them.

What would the philosopher-kings do?
What would the philosopher-kings do?

Hard to say, how many people have studied gymnastics and music as childten, then astrology as a young person, and military strategy as an adult, and then spent time working for a living within a community?
Me. But instead of military it was pro wrestling, and not gymnastics but t-ball. And I've never worked in a community. Only the involuntary volunteering I walk into. What would the philosophers in general do?