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Full Version: China - ghost towns?
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Please post links to all supposed ghost town and ghost infrastructure activity in China in this thread

Can’t? No evidence of it except a half remembered snippet of conversation at the pub? Too bad.
I can't ignore a conspiracy because of other conspiracies. Discernment is a gift.
Never heard of such ghost towns in China. But they exist in other parts of the world, I wouldn't be surprised if China has some. I've been to Italy, but walking around Florence and getting lost in Venice doesn't mean I could say any discussion of the casts in the ruins of Pompeii are incorrect or irrelevant to the subject of Italy.
You would have to search for this in Cantonese/Mandarin and even then you would probably get mostly fake news. I remember seeing an old book about China that had the land of temples in it. Can't remember where now, but it was very beautiful. Same goes for Shangri-la. It is a real city, near Tibet. Are there ghost cities in China. Maybe. Maybe it's propaganda. Who knows?