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Full Version: help needed.
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while we have enough mods. for moderation, i'd like someone to help out link building and link fixing.

this would entail linking poetry i've uploaded of renowned poets to the index of each poem title in each poetry thread index of the selected poets forum. while you will have mod status, you will not be required to mod any part of the site or take part in the running of the site. maybe down the road but not as of yet. if a mod wishes to help they will get first refusal. the reason i ask is that it's too much for me on my own, i have a few thousand poems to upload and link to to i their respective threads. thanks.
No idea what link building or fixing is - much less how to do it...but if you think it is possible to teach me I will do some for you. (But you might want to wait and see if there is a better offer first Big Grin )
thanks for the offer cj, i think it best for someone who understand already. i just deleted 240 poems by algernon swinburne cos i screwed it up Sad and i know what i'm doing Hysterical
Okay, but if you get desperate, I have techno son living at home who might be able to tutor me. Good luck.
thanks for the offer cm, sorry for calling you cj Sad