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Full Version: Who Knows?
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when the once upon a times are done
washed up on indifferent shores
then will be the time to tell you
how there were times I would have
saved you from yourself if and then
when upon that time you’d only seen
the recompense in front of both of us
staggering stolid unremarkable intact
immobile stunned with the frantic fact
of our need I say it once again so timidly
you I know don’t recognize the apparition
I present before you all wavering in time
blistered renewed with those eyes you
keep sending my way in a breeze un-
accustomed to such beauty and al-
together bashful in the face of your face
holding those eyes steadfastly in defiance
of what I’ve always thought was a limit
a stoppage of joy a relinquishment of
all sane ways of looking at the possibility
of two of us creatures identified only
by these two legs walking toward each
other blissing the lesser of the passions
withering barricades and halts
to what I know you know is finally one