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Full Version: Musical Chairs
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Please don't laugh... X_X

it was for a contest... there werent many entries to start so i thought i might stand a chance... it was my first attempt at poetry since highschool...

X_X i took something i thought a lot about as a kid and turned it into a poem... and performed it. cuz was part of the contest. oh boy.... *cringes at past self*

but i still like the basic message of the poem... ill probably post it in basic and work on it a bit? here is the lines for the poem:

Life is just a game, a game of Musical Chairs
Every person has a chair or two or three
A chair that represents shelter, food, clothing, and love.
Everything a child is entitled to is with that chair
Children are given chairs, but then they wear, or sometimes even break.
Some children share chairs with others, for there are not enough to go around.
Children without chairs wander Looking with hope for a chair to sit.
Children walk past chairs, Whose owners have put signs of "Reserved" or labeled it "Mine".
Some children come across broken chairs, whose child was not lucky enough to walk away.
Sometimes I sit and wonder, Why with all the wanting children, Would someone not give them a chair?
These children all deserve a chair But life is a game of musical chairs. Some of us win The rest? Just lose...
I really enjoyed your delivery in this video, Kaily. It has a bit of a Button Poetry feel to it, and I think it's well chosen considering the audience.

As it stands now it wouldn't work very well just as a written piece, though. It will probably just be a matter of re-formatting a bit. Your premise is good -- it's actually a very sweet poem addressing difference and inequality.
Nice video and choices you made in the delivery.

I also like the general metaphor.

The metaphor could probably be repurposed and developed in another poem. I think it would be hard to separate this current one from the pictures and live delivery.