Mad Dogs and Monsters
At number eight lived a West Highland White,
A scruffy little dog that liked to bite,
Bicycle clips, off Mr Phipps from number six.

At number nine a huge Maine Coon,
feline monster that liked to snooze,
at the gate, on top of the Westy from number eight.

At number twenty a mad Alsatian,
A vicious creature that out of frustration,
escaped his cage, chasing the Westy, gnashing with rage.

The Westy took off and hid under a Jag,
the Alsatian then rutted like a young stag,
feline monster joined in the fray,
Alsatian chose to change his prey.

It cornered the cat inside our garage,
claw and nose met in marriage,
yelping away as it ran up the street,
to number twenty it howled its retreat.

Westy strolled up and sniffed the cats bum,
then stretched out together in the last of the sun.

If your undies fer you've been smoking through em, don't peg em out

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