Prurient Poetic Phalli (in response to Leanne)
Prurient Poetic Phalli

M. Valerius Martialis Egigrammata I.35.10 – 15:

Lex haec carminibus data est iocosis,
ne possint, nisi pruriant, iuuare.
Quare deposita seueritate
parcas lusibus et iocis rogamus,
nec castrare uelis meos libellos:
Gallo turpis est nihil Priapo.

The basic rule for poems
composed by clowns
like me is that they must please
by pure pornography.
Get nude already, please yourself
and let me make you cum.
Don't desexify my poetry:
A cut-off hard-on pleases no one.

sg in the year of the LORD our saviour 2013
Ok, that was a bit hard. (It is for Ted Hughes.´* ,-) )
First Marty was an old boar. A real pornographist.
I composed a brilliant (what else?) free translation into Modern High Anglo-Saxon.
But: prurient is his word.

His real killer line is the last one:
Gallus and Priapus in the same line IS fucking cute!

just saying.


2.: catullus!!!! ----> carmen 63 (Attis)
3.: in your home tongue:

*I reread sylvie's misérables complètes l'autre nuit meditating my bowel mouvements, moi, je pensait comme ca: How unfair! Ted must've been such a patient guy to bear her. No wonder he turned to Seneca, that bof stoic. ;-) I mean: to name but 2: Dubyou see Williams and Roethke both handled their shit on their own. Not to mention Buk. But this blown-up princess needs xtra care! Sure!
it could please the person who cut it off Wink ask mrs bobbit Big Grin
not too far off, Bill. Just that the galli were eunuchs for the lady they worshipped and I doubt Bobbit cared for women enough to qualify. ;-)

cybele (name of that goddess of asia minor. ;-) .
I can only suggest from cockholder to cockholder: Beware
! lol of vaginae dentatae.
Latin is not that dry as our teachers wanted make us better believe us.

It is quite hot. I mean; we know what we#re talking: Latina porn. Holy sperm. there we shoot.
Like Burroughs in naked lunch page one: shooting hot diamonds into the sky.

Martial, like most men, seemed to think that his penis was impressive in some way.

To be fair, his probably was -- he could write poems with it.
It could be worse
(03-12-2013, 04:38 AM)Leanne Wrote:  Martial, like most men, seemed to think that his penis was impressive in some way.

To be fair, his probably was -- he could write poems with it.

;-) Not so, Leanne. He was just a bigmouth and a dirtymouth. His epigrams are so full of resentment and is that a word: acridity (acerbic sth)?
He made me tink of a fine guy both of us know. ;-)

But really I mainly thought about unlucky Ted Hughes. (treated so very unfairly by te press back in the 60ies). (after she!!! had put her head into that oven, lol) Its bitter and ridiculous.
Just rereading the Catull poem and yes, the Galli once eunuchs are Gallae then. ,-)
but Martial kept the masculine form, I think bc of symmetry (Gallo --- Priapo).
They did not have she-males back then, it seems. ,-) (no Priapae)

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