Poems for Christmas Cards
I wrote these poems in Christmas cards for my loved ones this year:

Three days out of every seven
I have a little slice of heaven
Just hangin’ and workin’ with the old man
But those three days are all I can stand

My pumkpin pie you are so sweet
The sight of you is such a treat
Your every word is like a song
And I feel happy all day long

It’s a gift without an end
For you to be my sponsor
But to have you as a friend
Now that’s truly and honor

I was blessed at my birth
With the greatest mom on earth
And I know it was God
It could have been no other
That sent down an angel
To be my loving mother

Even though I have another
You’re my favorite grandmother
I know when push comes to shove
I can always count on your love

When you walk through the door
It’s always such a ball
I wish I saw you more
But not enough to call
As people expect to find poetry on Christmas cards, I think it a quite legitimate thing to do. Perhaps it need not be as trite as it usually is, but I doubt many people would want to open their post, only to find some v dense material challenging their mince-pied, and inebriated brains.

There are numerous improvements to your piece, I think, but it's for fun, so I'lll let someone else do the donkey-work. Smile

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