When Shadows Dance
That was really good. It felt like something I might read in a book to get children interested in verse. The topic though was fun for adults. I love the boldness of the shadow, and how the roles were reversed between the two.

Really well done.
The secret of poetry is cruelty.--Jon Anderson
I, too, enjoyed the role reversal - I love a good twist at the end of a poem! I felt that the poem flowed very well. Next time I see my shadow, I'll look at it a little differently I think.
I like this too. It is fine. To me maybe it is more sweet than funny.

But this was a fine read.
Thank you

This poem made great use of personification of the Shadow and gave the view of the love story through the view of an inanimate object. Good Job!

-Shailen Naick
I love this...such a clever and wonderfully happy poem. Put a smile on my face after a long shift Smile thanks for a cheerful and heartwarming read Smile
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