poem length.
what's the ideal length of a poem. haiku are often to short and some of the longer ones are way too long (unless they make you fall in love with them at the beginning. so if one was giving advice as to how long to make a poem what would yours be?

at present, i'd advise a poem of two stanza or verse with each verse containing between 4 and 6 lines. or one stanza or verse of 8 to 12 lines. i know some sonnets are 14 and they're easy enough to get through but in general id say stay on the shortish side unless you're a really decent poet. (it's the advice i'd give myself. )
If it isn't following a specific form than the ideal length is only as long as is necessary to express the poet's intention. You can't set one length that is ideal.
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part of the question;

so if one was giving advice as to how long to make a poem what would yours be?

i did presume the question would be posed with those of little experience whose lengthy poems are often full of cliche and verbiage. sorry for not making it clear
I don't really mind. Short poems are easier to read if you don't really like them, but a really good long poem is very satisfying.
i have to state that i hate to critique on those real lengthy buggers, but as you say, it's not too bad if they're good ones....how rare is that though. i think i'm saying that if the majority can't write a medium sized poem, stop playing poet laureate with the long ones. the phrase :the bigger they are the harder they fall" comes to mind.
edit are easier on shorter poems, mistakes better seen, more chance of feedback, so to the novice poet my advice will always be, to over extend yourself by writing a fuckin epic. Hysterical i got carried away there didn't I ?
No ideal poem length. The Japanese might argue that a haiku is the most aesthetic, but that's a very specialized art form just like anything. I have to admit epics are exhausting though Big Grin, but it takes a damn fine writer to pull them off well.
PS. If you can, try your hand at giving some of the others a bit of feedback. If you already have, thanks, can you do some more?
yes but is that what you'd say to a newby poet if asked?

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