do you have enough of it?
I want to write poetry, I have no mental blocks...as far as poetry I have no mental blocks Big Grin for me it all about time. i make a conscious effort to post to as many posts as i can (as do many others) and i'm also doing other stuff both related too and not related to the site. i probably feel more obliged to to try and answer as many posts as i can than most, and rightly so.
I know leanne's at uni and everyone has other stuff in their lives but am i alone? (woe is me Big Grin ) it would be okay if i could knock out a masterpiece in a minute or so, one that's a 5th of the quality of leannes stuff or some of your stuff (yes you know who you is (everyone's thinking;; he's talking to me Hysterical)) but i can't. i can do a haiku in ten or so minutes but even that is guaranteed to need working on afterwards. is there a way to knockk quick decent poetry out? how long does it take you to write decent 8 or 12 liner?
I never have enough time. For anything.

I've been on a bit of a poetry bender as far as writing is concerned, will eek it out here systematically.

Replying to poetry takes up far more time and effort for me than writing does. I can log into FB and fairly mindlessly move around, but to sink my teeth in here takes concentration. I am not well versed enough (haha) to drone on about much of anything except my gut reaction and any symbolism that yells at me.

I rarely spend more than 20 minutes on any piece I write, and the ones that are 5-10 lines are usually more like five.

I have no advice for writing good quality work in a reasonably short amount of time, seeing as how I drop mine only if and when they want out and write in my own oddball style ( I use the term 'style' loosely).
PS. If you can, try your hand at giving some of the others a bit of feedback. If you already have, thanks, can you do some more?
It depends I go through periods where I feel I can write at will. When that occurs I can write in almost no time. Most of the time though I need to spend hours thinking and free writing to find where the poem starts when/if I find it I can have a first draft done in about 30 minutes. I then spend the next few days tweaking it into something serviceable.

These days, I barely have the time to write anything. I have time it's just not the right kind of time.
The secret of poetry is cruelty.--Jon Anderson
i like that turn of phrase;

I have time it's just not the right kind of time.

I think that fit's me, i shall try my damnedest to write a poem or two today. i find that something is always waiting to steal another few tic toc's off me, often they're tic toc's i can;t spare Sad

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