About The Site:
The Pig Pen Poetry Forum

If you've never used an Internet forum before, we've tried very hard to make the process easy and enjoyable. There are two ways to enjoy the forums - as a reader or as an active participant.
  • If you simply want to read some of the poems posted in our forum, all you'll ever need to do is point and click. The navigation is fairly simple, and we suspect you'll have little difficulty finding your way around. The Pig Pen Forum is divided into many sections: some for poetry, some for poetry discussion, as well as some non-poetry discussion boards. When browsing each section, simply click on the name of a board to enter and see a list of its contents. Guests can't see all the forums, only members have that privilege.
  • If you want to become an active participant posting comments on the poetry boards and of course by posting your own poems, you will need to Register as a new member. The same applies if you want to post on any of the other forums. Hey, it's not as bad as it sounds. Simply look for a link on the first page of the forums that says "join/register" and click it. Answer a few simple questions, by joining us you can help us make The Pig Pen a good place to be.
  • Check out the help icon near top of the home page for detailed information as well the threads here: on how to navigate and best use the site.

Below is a short description of our different forums.

Poetry Forums
  • For writing and sharing poetry. For honest feedback and critique. Where poets and poetry of all levels are welcome. Post your work and give feedback. Help us build a special poetry forum. We've opened a forum for the those who are new to poetry and/or to giving feedback. There, you'll get all the help you need to improve. The poetry moderation is non-invasive and allows you to post the poetry you want to.
    Only members can post their poetry on these boards.

Reference Forum:
  • Here you'll find a number of boards. Hopefully they may give help when the writing gets hard and you need an idea to help you write that next masterpiece. On the other hand you may just want to use this forum to relax and soak up a few of its diverse hidden pearls.
    Only members can view/use the Ref Forum.

Discussion Forum:
  • A forum where almost anything can be discussed and dissected. The two main boards here are General Discussion and Poetry Discussion. The moderation on these boards can be strict in order to stop trolls and flames.
    Only members can post on these boards.

The Pig's Arse:
  • It's intended to be a free and easy kind of place with minimal moderation where almost anything goes. All posts should be related to poetry. The one exception to the light moderation in The Pig's Arse is The Members Poetry board: a must if you don't wish your poetry to be viewed by non members, orsearch engines.  Join The Pig's Arse through your userCP.
    Only members can see/post on these boards.

The Sewer:
  • Another area intended to be a free and easy kind of place with minimal moderation. It's not for the squeamish, the weak of heart, the fragile, the holier than thou, or anyone else with above average intelligence. Consider yourself forewarned. Try and keep poetry out of  the sewer, it can get pretty mucky in there. Join The Sewer through your userCP.
    Only members can view/post on these boards.

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