Hi an.
i'm suspecting many poets will think a one liner too low, but after reading some of them and about them i see that it's a great way to use wit wisely. again, like some of the other short forms it looks like the rudiments would be easy to pick up. i'll post a few later today or tomorrow in the for fun forum. I'll also take a look at the other site you mention. thanks for the info. (at last a poetry form i can follow ) )
I think I did one of these once. Here it is (let me know if it works for the form). If it works I'll try some other ones...title bolded:


Heroin in a dirty needle.
The secret of poetry is cruelty.--Jon Anderson
Here's one I found with a title:

Coward by R. A. Ammons

Bravery runs in my family.

I liked that one for the irony.

With mine it would be fairly easy to pull in the title simply: Parenthood is heroin in a dirty needle. When I did this the first time I did a two line poem with a line break on heroin to make it seem like Parenthood is bliss only to take it away on the following line. That's probably still the way I would write that poem. I'll give your juxtaposing idea a shot once I give it some more thought. I like minimalist forms so either way it should be fun.
The secret of poetry is cruelty.--Jon Anderson
I like it because it uses less words and works.
The secret of poetry is cruelty.--Jon Anderson
i still haven't had time to have a proper look at how it's done but is punctuation allowed within a sentence?
Blush thanks An, Blush

i can play around at breaking the rules once i learn what they are Smile

at the moment i'm using a dicky keyboard

i know that it's a great idiom for innuendo Smile

i placed the thread in poetry discussions for better coverage Wink hope you don't mind.
it's not really about the break it's about the when and how. Blush not that i know either Smile

i looked up a few places and the wondrous wiki came up with a pretty well rounded explanation. ...i'm going to start a monostitch thread in miscellaneous poetry, Hope it''s okay with you Smile
hopefully people can have fun with it .
hehe, it seems it's a lot older than i realised.and can include a title and grammar. night night An Smile

one - line of poetry

It's not STITCH, dammit! It's stich, "stick"!

And yes, they're very cool, often witty. It takes a lot to get them to work as a poem rather than a punchline.

PS. I've edited the title of the thread as well.
It could be worse
thanks' i like that some are feeling open to the idea of such a shortform
It's been around for long enough Smile Cato was writing them in around 200BC, so they're not new, just polished up and re-badged.
It could be worse
is there a reason they fell out of fashion. i suppose like many other forms free verse and nursery rhymed hall mark took over.
They were never really "in fashion" as such, as far as I know, nor have they ever really been out of favour. The monostich as a device is used in free verse all the time -- there are many quotable single lines in poetry that encapsulate one complete thought.

Historically the monostich was presented as part of a series, though each must stand alone. Now, of course, we have twitter and other such formats that demand short bursts (lest readers' attention wander) so the monostich and 'ku are perfect.
It could be worse
i've set a thread for them up in miscellaneous poetry. who know poeple may use it to get a bit of inspiration for other forms.

i have noticed forms like the ku and now the mono, are shunned by many mainstream poets. personally i hate the long drawn out stuff that people like donne do but i can appreciate the crafting of it. what is is about the short forms that some other poets don't like? for me and long poems, it the long journey before i get to some sort of finalisation.
Like any poems, short forms done badly are shite. The difference is probably that short forms done badly are quicker and easier than the longer poems that people don't have the patience to fuck up properly.

It's probably more common to look at a short form poem and write it off as "I could do that" -- just as people do with, say, a Paul Klee painting. The ignorant have no idea how much work goes into conceiving and then crafting a genuinely fine poem. Fact is, no more and no less effort goes into creating a good example of ANY kind of poem.
It could be worse
i see short forms as a way of honing one's edge for the bigger stuff. though agree that good ones aren't as easy to write as we may believe.

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