Do you have a love poem that you would like to have published
Our publishing company is producing a book showcasing new writing talent and I wondered whether anyone on this forum would like to have one of their poems published.
The book features poems based on any of the following themes: Love, Joy, Hope. The poems can be of any length. We will also include a brief bio of each writer as a way of introducing them to readers.
The book will be produced as an ebook and a paperback and marketed by our PR agency. If you have a poem that you would like to see published, please email me at email address removed
Do you mean this Mithra Publishing name removed

Their website looks to be misleading: they say "Could you join this Hall of Fame?" and have photos of authors like Danielle Steele and JK Rowlings. It implies that those authors are part of Mithra, which is patently not true. (If you click on the photos, it takes you to a Turkish website.)

Their business model is...interesting. They get their revenues not from selling books but from selling advertising space in those books. I'm guessing that if someone was willing to cough up £1200 for a one-page advert in a single ebook title, they wouldn't be too choosy about the product in question. It's not hard to imagine how this could go wrong. Like, say, advertising dildoes in a Christian romance novel.

They don't seem to do much editing, as they say that contracted books get published within two months. They also offer a service where they will convert a manuscript to e-reader format (for £350, which sounds like a lot to me).

What I don't see is any evidence that they know how to publish books or sell them to readers. They only list two authors as being contracted to Mithra, so either they're very slow or very new.

let's let it stay for a while to show people where not to try and have stuff published.
Oh, pick me, pick me, I'm desperate to be exploited and treated like a vain, self-absorbed moron!

People make millions every year by playing on the desperation of artists who want to be famous but aren't prepared to put in the work required to "make it", or aware of the fact that you probably never will. Fame isn't the aim.

If you are published, become famous and achieve all your life's dreams, good luck to you -- but if all you ever manage is to write poetry that is honest, well thought out and truly representative of what you want to communicate, that's just as worthy of accolades in my book.
It could be worse
if all i ever do is improve...just a little then i've had success. Smile

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